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As the Authorized Dealer of Chemical Guys together with our expertise and professionalism, be sure that you car can get the best experience ever!

From 2 bucket method wash to our Enthusiast detail,
we do customized services for each individual owners.
Begin your CLEAN.SHINE.PROTECT. journey with us


At SLK Auto Detailing we believe that detailing is more than just cleaning a car. We push the standard higher by importing Chemical Guys (CG) polishes that contain the finest ingredients. CG unique, extensive background represents a blend of compounds, polishes, glazes, waxes, sealants, leather conditioners dressing, microfiber towels, accessories and knowledge developed and passed on through the generations. 

We aim to recondition our clients’ car by offering a more permanent service and our details to last longer so that you gain more value. Taking pride in our time intensive corrective work so that your vehicle looks good for months Detailing with a passion and believe in processes that we may see the satisfaction of our customer upon delivering our finished product. We do care about our environment, That is why all of our detailing products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe for us and your vehicle.

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys was founded over 46 years ago, with a goal of providing, the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products, service, advice and help at any price. Throughout the years, we have evolved. Chemical Guys is more then a company, it’s a group of friends with a Global Scale Following. Chemical Guys Products can be found in 18 countries.

Chemical Guys is a business but first most we are all friends, we love cars, success and having fun. Few companies are open 24/7 to help anyone who needs it. Our products are second to none, ask anyone who has ever tried a Chemical Guys products what they thought, we are more then certain the review will be good.

Esoteric Services (Premium)

  • Signature Detail
  • Basic Paint Correction Detail
  • Advanced Paint Correction Detail
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Exterior & Interior
Detailing Services(Basic)
& Other Services

  • Mini Detail
  • Premium Wash & Wax Detail
  • Interior Detail
  • Solar Film Tinting Services
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Headlamp Restoration
  • New Car Preparation
  • Paint Protection Coatings Service
  • Yearly Maintenance Deal


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